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Identify Challenges


Impediments to growth are normal: all businesses suffer from these occasionally, and the best approach to managing these obstacles is to identify them in order to reduce and eventually eliminate their impact on the business.

Vuela Consulting’s approach is simple: we ask direct questions to uncover issues—these questions are particularly designed to get to the root of an issue quickly.

The types of issues uncovered can span a wide-range, and the list below is meant to provide an overview of the types of issues Vuela can identify and help your company resolve:

 Mission: Lack of clearly defined business missions, plans, goals, and strategies.

 Organization: Issues with company reporting structures, company personnel, information technology, record keeping, and finances.

 Business Landscape: Knowing the customer to target, understanding competitors, identifying challenges with government regulations, branding your company, and defining the new corporate image.

Develop Actions

Actions are simply structured tasks arranged as a project required to address issues preventing business growth.  A key component of any action is to ask, “Why is this action important? Is it in line with the company mission? Does it address a current issue?”

Vuela Consulting’s philosophy is to create only actions which reflect a company’s mission and goals—these actions are designed to either fix an existing issue or move a company forward with a new project.

Actions must be:

Achievable: Can they be accomplished with your company’s existing resources, meaning time, people, and finances, or do they require new resources? If so, is there a plan for obtaining these?

  Unambiguous: Can the result of the action be understood by everyone?

  Accepted: Does everyone agree to the rationale for the action and the steps required to implement it?

This is difficult to do without help; many times existing issues obscure the correct actions to implement — Vuela Consulting is committed to fostering an environment of inclusion in order to create the right actions.

Motivate and Accelarate

A good sport coach can be described as an agent for improvement and inspiration—someone that supports the team and guides the team forward by planning and following-through.

Vuela Consulting acts almost the same as a coach for your business: we coach you to foster improved performance, decision making, strategic thinking, team building, and project implementation. These key skills are a necessity for any business to become a success.

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