Life Coaching Questions

 What is the difference between Life Coaching and Consulting?

The consultant and advisor are going to give the client information and/or recommendations for processes and actions based on the consultant’s expertise on the field or topic. The coach doesn’t give advice or information based on expertise because the coach is not an expert in the client’s life, so the coach doesn’t have enough information to give advice or counsel. Instead, the coach works with the client to help them develop the skills to take the right actions to fulfill the client’s desires, makes the client accountable for their commitments with the project, and makes sure the client reaches their important goals in life.

 How long does the Life Coaching process take?

It depends on the case and the client’s preferences. First commitment is for one month and it can be revised every end period to be renovated for another month. Average life projects require at least three months to reflect consistent results.

 How much does the Life Coaching process cost?

Basically, any value in the range $200-$700/month. See more information here.

 Can you coach businesses or employees?

Yes, we can.

 Do you coach by phone or internet video?

Yes; we offer programs virtually, face-to-face, and a mix of both. See programs here.


All the information about your life project is confidential: we sign a confidentiality clause in our agreement of service. 

Consulting Questions

 How long does the consulting process take?

See all the details here.

Every case requires a unique solution. We will determine the duration and the cost in the POD.

  1. Initial consultation meeting: two to four hours.
  2. Detailed Analysis:
  • POD: 1 week.
  • FAO: 1-3 weeks.
  1. Solutions Creation: normally one to four weeks. Depending on the scope and deliverables of the specific project, this time could vary dramatically.
  2. Follow-Up: this depends on the agreement and the specific case and conditions.

 How much does the consulting process cost?

All fees will be discussed during your initial consultation and specified in the POD—and this initial consultation is offered free of charge.

 Whom do you need to speak with at my company during the consulting project?

We will have to speak with your project leader. We assign a project leader depending on the scope and strategic area to develop.

 Do you consult by phone or internet video?

We can do parts of the project by phone or video, however the initial consultation, the FAO Workshop, and the VCM need to be done in person. The customer has to pay for all traveling expenses related to their milestones.


We sign an NDA before the start of the project and after we agree on the POD.

General Questions

 What forms of payment are accepted?

Checks, cash, Paypal and credit cards. 

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