How to find a job for a Latin person in NYC and Miami

You came to a new country, with great expectations for your new life here. The USA is the land of opportunities and many Latinos like you, come in search of those. 2 of the most popular urban areas for Latinos on the East Coast are New York and Miami.
However, finding a job can become a challenge for latin people. Here you will find tips that will help you to :


Improve your english:

It is fundamental that you listen, speak, read and write the language properly. It is a reality that with very few exceptions, qualified jobs in the United States are reserved for those with full business proficiency in English. Keep in mind that you will be facing competition from all over the world, against highly trained people in all positions and industries. English is the minimum requirement to be considered as a candidate.

Do your research:

Find information about the city in which you want to work. Analyze which industries provide greater possibilities of finding employment. If you have the possibility to choose between several places, take your time to look for one where your area of knowledge and expertise is growing. That way, you won’t get any surprises. If for any reason you can’t choose the city you are going to live, look for the main employment generating sectors. For instance, in the NYC and Miami areas, these are: education, health services, trade, transportation, utilities and professional services. To a lesser extent hospitality, government and financial activities. In contrast, the mining, construction, manufacturing, information and other services generate less jobs in both cities. (Source: US Department of Labor,
Although it is possible to get a job in an under-employing industry; you must be prepared for a more difficult search and you might need to prove your worth in something that may not be the priority for the city at the moment

Adjust your resume/ CV

The rules and best practices for your resume and cover letter in your country may not work in the United States. Write your documents in English, seek advice on the presentation of these documents. Remember that it is likely that, no matter how good your University is, people don’t know it in the United States, and consequently it makes no difference here. Moreover, you must be prepared for employers preferring a candidate who studied at a US university rather than one that they know nothing about (even without any racial prejudice). This is why is necessary that your resume stands out in different ways. As a best practice, it is recommended to keep it concise, and highlight achievements in your past jobs, not the tasks you used to do on a daily basis.


In NYC and Miami the professional world is based on personal relationships, and if you stay at your house all day long, you will never meet anyone interesting. It is usually a good idea to attend networking meetings and events of your industry. Bring business cards, prepare a short personal pitch to introduce yourself and take care of your personal appearance. There is no second chance to make a good first impression.
Some apps you can use to find these events are: Meetup and EventBrite

Be persistent

Finding a job in won’t be an easy task, it can take a few months. So keep your eyes on the price and stay optimistic, if you really are good at what you do, you will find a place where you can develop professionally.
Remember that you have all the necessary to fulfill the American dream. So open your wings and fly.

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