Why Vuela


 We commit to dramatically impacting your life. You do the transformation while we fly with you to do it. You will build the inner-sense, auto-determination, self-esteem, and power to be the best expression of yourself you can be. Why work with us? Simple:

  Vuela acknowledges your individuality. Our technology is applied differently to every individual’s motivations, goals, and current circumstances. There is no magic tool that will work for every person.

  Vuela creates a unique synergy with you.

 Vuela guides you to understanding yourself.

 Vuela helps you develop and strengthen powerful skills required to unveil your passion.

 Vuela makes you accountable for your progress and is supportive in the difficult moments of the process.

 Vuela uses meditation techniques as part of the guiding process, which serves as a tool to engage into a balanced life.

Success comes from the inside out. In order to change what is on the outside, you must first change what is on the inside.

So, if you want to:

 Discover long lasting happiness,

 Understand what makes you feel fulfilled and worthy,

 Experience self-love from the inner-level,

 Express love in your relationships and daily life,

 Be assertive in your choices and produce the results you want,

 Have powerful tools to accept what you are and to create what you want,

 Or make more money,

You need to start working with us.

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

Vuela Wings Program

Vuela Wings Program is for people who:

 Want to increase their inner self-understanding and use it to live their passion.

 Want to create balance in their personal, business, and spiritual lives.

 Seek to be authentic and express powerfully their own identity in daily life and professional life.

 Live in abundance.

 Seek to complete a personal/professional project.

 Are open to wonder, love, and dreaming. 

What you get from Us:

 One Fly High Session. 60 to 90-minute in-person conversation, via phone, or via Skype/Facetime.

 Four Wings Sessions/Month. 60-minute 1:1 sessions in-person, via phone, or via Skype/Facetime.

 Unlimited email support for the length of the program.

 Powerful tools and guidance to transform your life into your passion.

What you walk away with:

 Knowing yourself better.  

 Being authentic with yourself and expressing it to the world.  

 Knowing how to deal with self-doubt and critiques from others.  

 Knowing you can create the life that you want.  

 Loving yourself and expressing love in your interpersonal relationships.  

 Completing a personal/professional project.

 Being your own passion.  

Wings Program Elements

  1. Coaching Assessment Phone Call. 15 to 30-minute phone conversation to establish mutual interests and fits. We can discover with you, fly with you, and help you see a path working with us.
  2. Fly High Session (FHS). 60 to 90-minute individual workshop to create an individual Wings Program for the client based on Vuela techniques and methodologies. Regularly scheduled plans are designed for a period of three months with month-to-month revisions. This program is done in person for clients in NYC and nearby, and virtually for clients everywhere else. See the Vuela programs below.
  3. Wings Session (WS). 30 to 50-minute weekly meeting to assist the development of individual plans for clients, train the client in various Vuela techniques, identify difficulties in the plans of the client, and take corrective actions. It can be face-to-face or virtually depending on preferences, availability, and location.
  4. E-mail Support
  5. Support Materials and Tools

Wing’s program Price

The program has a monthly fee depending on every case and/or project, program option, and client’s personal circumstances.

After the free synergy phone call, we (both Vuela and the client) will design a personalized plan of action together during the High Fly Session. If at the end of the High Fly Session the client commits with Wings, the client will pay the monthly fee agreed for the time the program lasts; however, the client can always withdraw at end of every month.

 Coaching Assessment Phone Call: Free

 High Fly Session: $150-$175

 Wings Sessions: All covered by an agreed monthly fee

 Unlimited Email Support: All covered by an agreed monthly fee

 Support materials and tools: All covered by an agreed monthly fee


Wings Program Options

Gull Wings

All Wings Sessions are virtual, the Fly High Session can be Virtual or face-to-face.

Eagle Wings

One Wings Session a month is face-to-face, and three WS are virtual. Fly High session can be virtual or face-to-face.

Falcon Wings

All sessions, Wings and Fly High, are face-to-face.

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