Our Process

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation, offered free of charge, provides you the opportunity to help us understand your business challenges—and more importantly, allows you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed to the next steps.

During this session we will address common concerns of time commitment, fee structure, information security, confidentiality, and other issues of trepidation (please see our Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to common inquires).

The deliverable from this meeting will be a Plan Overview Document (POD) containing a project overview for the engagement, expected goals, time and cost estimates, and agreed-upon deliverables. Both Vuela Consulting and your business will need to agree to the contents of the POD to proceed.  Typically, the POD will take up to a week to develop after the initial consultation.

As with all VUELA meetings, the consultation is structured to minimize the time commitment required by you and company personnel while maximizing the information obtained from the session.

Detailed Analysis and FAO Workshop

Analyses are conducted in line with the goals documented in the POD. These may involve one or more of the strategic areas, and the timing for these analyses typically range from one day to two weeks. Expected timing will of course be noted in the POD.
The detailed analysis may involve meetings, workshops, interviews, questionnaires, matrix analysis, and other techniques designed to obtain information quickly.

We finish the detailed analysis with our Findings and Orientation Workshop (FAO Workshop). This will be a very dynamic session we create specifically for you to explain the findings of our analysis and allows us to introduce a detailed draft of the course of action. The objective of FAO Workshop is not only to present conclusions, but to also settle with you on the accuracy of those conclusions and to establish steps or solutions together.

FAO Workshop could take two to four hours. 72 hours later, you will receive the official FAO Document, summarizing all the relevant findings and giving a clear and detailed orientation to achieve the proposed goals. It will include the timeline, specifics of the deliverables, and defined solutions.

Solutions Creation

We will create the solutions, projects, manuals, and recommendations. We could and definitely would like to implement those recommendations. This step is about creation, action, deliverables, and implementation. Depending on the scope defined in POD and findings in FAO, this step could have a very different timeline from project-to-project, and is usually within the timespan of two weeks to one month.

Once we have delivered and implemented these solutions, we will conduct our Vuela Closure Meeting (VCM) to agree on the termination of the project and establish the level of satisfaction and quality of the solutions delivered. This will take about two to four hours.

Follow Up

We will then follow up and coach you, if you’d like. We will be with you every step of the way, giving advice and following up on the implementations of the strategies defined. Our main goal is to see you succeed, so our interest in your business doesn’t end with the Vuela Closure Meeting; we can help to keep you on track. We have two different ways of going about this.

  First, and free of charge, we schedule follow-ups two, six and twelve months after the VCM. This will be a simple and short interview to explore how you are doing after we finish our side of the project.

  Second, you can hire us to be your coach and establish a customized follow-up and accountability system to help you, without doing your job, to reach your goals. A coach is that person who knows your strengths and weaknesses, while also understanding your needs and goals. Then, based on that, his/her experience and knowledge of the market will help foster your skills and guide you without doing the job for you. It is almost like a soccer coach: they know the players, studies the adversaries, trains the team, and creates goals to strive for every game, but never plays on the field—they only looks from the outside and guide the team to success.

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